Landscape of Love

Leslie & Odin's embroidered heirloom is based on the invitation to their wedding, which they designed and printed themselves. A map of their wedding location on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, formed the basis for the design along with a personalized "compass" with their initials. The map was stenciled onto the linen using textile paint, with a tiny embroidered red heart marking the exact spot of their ceremony.

The embroidery was done using silk and cotton threads on white linen, with textile paint for the map. Stitches used were: raised cup, split stitch, backstitch, padded satin, stem, and brick stitch. The finished piece was laced onto acid-free board and fitted into a 10" h x 8" w white frame.

Embroidering the date and location of their wedding using the brick stitch, which took approximately one hour per letter

The back of the embroidery 

At work on the embroidery using a frame stand and magnifying lens

Leslie & Odin's wedding invitation, which they designed and printed themselves 

Ironing the finished piece to prepare it for framing

Each time I walk by Megan’s embroidery, I think back to that magical rainy day when our friends and family from around the world came together to celebrate with us. This intricate and beautiful object is a cherished part of our collection.
— Leslie, Toronto, Canada

Positioning the finished embroidery on the board for lacing

The heirloom takes pride of place in their Toronto home
Photo: Leslie McBeth

All photos and designs are copyright Megan Canning 2012-18, unless otherwise noted.